Wednesday, 28 January 2009

2Hander's Take: Quietly Getting on with Business

Many people have talked about how the Aussie Open throws up a surprise or 'rogue' element to the Mens' draw. This year is no exception, as we have Fernando Verdasco in the semis, awaiting either Nadal or Simon. Also, on the other side of the draw, the A-Rod has also been working his way through. I know I dismissed him a couple of weeks back, but it is almost as though he has come out of nowhere. Given his recent Grand Slam record, it's been a while since he last reached a semifinal...

Could this be an indication of the fitness level of Roddick and Verdasco? These are extreme heat conditions they are playing in. Now, I don't mean to deride our (slightly) lower-ranked American and Spanish friends, but it would sure be a shame to deprive us spectators of a Federer-Nadal final. Particularly if we have Roddick-Verdasco!! I think a Federer-Nadal final is a more than good enough reason for you people to bunk/skive off work!!!

Now, Federer, although rejuvenated, may be playing a different animal to the A-Rod he once knew and more or less dominated. Roddick is not only said to be more streamlined/aerodynamic, but he seems to be winning more points at the net. A tactic which they attribute to new coach Stefanki, who coached Henman for a while - and volleying was definitely his weapon. However, I feel that Connors planted this seed. True, he's up against easily the best volleyer on the Tour, but it has been a while since he's depended on that tool to win matches.

Another player quietly getting on with things is Elena Dementieva. She made swift work of Suarez-Navarro. And I TOLD YOU Serena was going all the way...beyond Venus! However, maybe a tenacious Dementieva who has had extra Weetabix can stop her. Plus a possible final with Marat's lil sis...all sounds very exciting! Cannae wait...

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