Friday, 30 January 2009

2Hander's Take: The Grand Final & Tribute to Nando

Well, the public have finally got what they wanted - a Federer-Nadal Slam final on hard court! Firstly, I would like to say a few words about the Nadal-Verdasco semifinal:


This is the first time I have seen Verdasco play and tell you what, I'm impressed! He has a cracking forehand and a very solid backhand. A part of me would have liked Verdasco to beat Nadal as he has a far purer game. Since he is natural righty turned lefty, I think that Nadal has a very unnatural looking game, especially his serve. However, I think Federer would have come out on top against Nando, he has the experience plus he seems to have found his form once again.

Now, I am shocked at the stat of 95 winners!! OK, he also hit around 60 UFEs but if that was to be worked on, he'd easily be in the Top 5! Did he raise his game given the occasion and his opponent?! Nah, he dispatched Murray and Tsonga on the way, right guys? There is a danger that he'll follow in the footsteps of Baghdatis, Gonzalez and Haas - where they play a blinder of an Open, then fall by the wayside rather soon afterwards...please don't do that to us, Nando!!

So, Sunday really could be anybody's game.

As for the gals, well, Serena looks to be on form and she has no problem playing 3-set matches. Mentally, not much can phase her. This is relatively new territory for Dinara, so let's hope she's not too much of a 'deer in the headlights'!!

So...GAMES ON!!!
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