Saturday, 30 April 2011

If it ain’t broke (or unpretty) don’t fix it…

Bepa ditched Sergei for some guy named “Karen”. Google translate here. No words necessary.

Unlike certain others, and for what I hope are obvious reasons, I haven’t followed Vera’s association with Sergei very closely (not, in any case, with such fascination) – its results, as they pertained to Vera, were wholly satisfactory, and that was good enough for me.

It follows, then, that I know almost nothing about just how technical his input was. It must have been, at least in part – but the bottom line for me is, he seemed to make Vera happy (absolutely no innuendo intended) and from thence, the results seemed to flow.

I know even less about “Karen” – in fact, nothing at all. He may be far more technically astute than Sergei can ever hope to be. But if he doesn’t make Vera happy (again, no innuendo ) it will have all been for nothing.

You don’t need me to enumerate just how far Vera came with Sergei. And I’m still willing to concede the partnership simply ran its course the way Dinara’s did with Zeljko.

Coaching relationships, however, are as much, if not more, about how well its participants respond to one another – operational details play, at best, a modest, subsidiary role.

I’m almost sorry I never got on this train, because unlike so much of what passes for eye-candy nowadays, I totally understand. And now its over.

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