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Q. She said that one of the things that makes you such a good champion is that you sense right away a weakness in the other player and basically you jump on that. She said that she felt that you sensed she was hesitating, whatever. Can you talk about that?
MARIA SHARAPOVA: Well, to be honest, I felt like I was just making a lot errors in the first set and I wasn’t moving my feet at all. And especially with the wind I wasn’t moving towards the ball and letting the ball come to me and not really being aggressive. That’s what’s won me so many matches in my career is when I step in and I hit my strokes and they come deep. I just wasn’t doing that

So first and foremost I felt like I had to start doing that and making little steps and adjusting my game a little bit. More than anything, I sensed that she was tired probably a lot of the dancing that she’s been doing and I took advantage of it.
Q. She thought you would be tired in the third after the long match you had the previous night. Didn’t seem to be that way.
Because I didn’t do the dance after. I wasn’t tired.


To be perfectly honest, I’m kinda glad Pova called this out. Not because the dance is meant to offend (it isn’t), not because Petko is anything other than an immensely likeable, intelligent soul – but because it showed, in very clear terms, that not everyone (least of all Petko’s opponents) is as hopelessly enamoured with it as is generally being suggested.

Nor should they be required to be.

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