Thursday, 8 July 2010

Post Womble Ramblings: The Bestest of The Restest.


» "All England Lawn Tennis Club Single Handed Championship of the World."


No really. That’s the official inscription on the Wimbledon trophy.


Rafa_trphy_afp_getty AFP/Getty


Whether Fed wins any further Wimby Titles or not, it might be time to rethink that.


» Delpo and ElenaD


Nothing like an extended injury layoff to bring some perspective to how invested in a player you are. Both sorely missed.


Also, does Delpo work as a Mintoaur for you? Amongst Krakens and Centaurs I mean.


» Belgian tennis: Not even close, and still no cigar


Henin continues to suffer the effects of her dangerous (and what now seems failed) liaison with pace.


Kimmie, never the sturdiest of players at the best of times, continues to traverse that rocky path between brilliance and blah.


Both underwhelming in the way they went out rather than the result itself.


Contrast that with Masha, who went down all guns blazing in what was one of the best ladies matches of the fortnight.


Think she couldn’t have won that 11-9 tie break instead of Serena? Think again.


» For Fred Perry’s sake, and for the last time: IT WASN’T A SOMERSAULT…


Yes there is a difference.



This was just a plain old forward roll. Not that different to my first PE lesson at primary school.


Not that it wasn’t awesome.


» Rain stops. Play Doesn’t.


For the first time since 1995 in fact.


Great, except we didn’t get to see very much of…..


» That “very expensive sun shade”…


Tim Henman’s term of endearment for the Wimbledon Roof.



Trouble is we only got to see tennis played beneath it once – during that day one barnburner between Djoko and Rochus.


The match was awesome. The timing wasn’t. Like seeing a fairly routine friendly between England and Hungary at Wembley Stadium after they’ve been kicked out of the World Cup. Oh wait, that is actually taking place…


» Word just in: Cilic is not “this years Delpo” 


TBerd/Centaur is.


» Pironkova/Kvitova


Whatever else happens from this point on, I hope we get to see a lot more from both these two.


Pironkova’s a lot more than the “craft” we’ve been hearing so much of, by which I guess they’re referring to the tendency to slice (off both wings). There’s that ability to send big serves out wide for one thing.


And what’s not to like about Kvitova, a lefty that actually doesn’t have a panic-attack every time she veers close to the net?


No-frills tennis, I salute thee.


» ‘Mahisner’/’Isnut’


Everything that needed to be said about this match already has, and I’m still no closer to believing that we’ll benefit from the introduction of final set breakers.


Mahut donated his shirt, shoes and racquet to the Hall of Fame Tennis Museum this week. Nice, but Wimbledon museum anyone?


» Queens visit


Was it just me that thought JJ looked and conducted herself with the most grace?

Everyone else struck me as just a little uncomfortable.



ARod turned up looking like he’d just stepped off a boat party. And after all the furore over Serena’s assignment to court two, the Queen buggered off after watching Muzz close out Niemenen in straights.


If anyone was snubbed I’d say it was CazWoz, who was on court next.


Questions: Why does this fill me with glee? And does that make me a bad person?


» Kvitova’s outage of CazWoz and Vika


I guess I’m about done bashing CazWoz. Now I’m mostly into not caring.


Anybody playing tennis so benign it makes ARad look positively belligerent in comparison, has no business in the top ten. Ditto, anyone fashioning a top five ranking on the back of compressing two seasons’ worth of tennis into one. It cannot last, it never does.


Loved Vikas comments on falling to Kvitova which were neither disrespectful nor gave false credit. They were also refreshingly unrehearsed.


» What was that about Rafa’s nightmare draw again? And Fed’s cake-walkey one?


Anything can happen. And you thought you’d reach the end of this post without hearing that.


» Rafa fined $2000 for illegal coaching.


During the final, Berdych consulted his box in deciding upon whether or not to challenge. Twice in fact, and he wasn’t the only one.


The funny thing is Rafa pretty much took everything on the chin. "The rules are the rules,….Sometime in the past, maybe Toni talk too much," Nadal said, "but not this time, in my opinion."


Don’t even get me started on the WTA – and I don’t just mean Henin.


All or nothing, if you please.  In any case, I’d rather see him called for time violation, something he’s more obviously guilty of.


» Hanescu, outburst provoked and uncharacteristic by all accounts.


Blimey Victor.


You spend the best part of your career in the no man’s land of the public eye and then one day, BOOM, it’s all out there on court: Blood, guts and…..spittle.


Those reported arrests turned out to be unrelated, and there can be no condoning his little outburst.

What beggars belief, however, is why the offending “tennis fans” weren’t expelled after, according to some reports, insulting his sick mother.


And of course it all happened out on…


» Court 18.


I want a live webcam broadcasting everything that goes on here - round the clock, all year round. Even when there’s not tennis being played on it.



Even those pigeons making love on the scoreboard. A union that will probably result in the conception of a heavily scarred Eaglet that can utter expletives in seven different languages.


Because that’s the kind of sh*t that happens  here.


» Safardych/Berdarova


Power couple? Not quite, and not until they start winning more.

But there’s certainly box office potential there.


» German tennis


Petzschner and Brands. Frakkin hell.


Remind me again why they don’t have more players in the top 20? Oh, there isn’t a reason?


» Could someone explain what exactly is so “intelligent” about Rafa’s  new “intelligent scheduling system”?


And what precisely it consists of, besides missing Barcelona?


Coz frankly? I don’t see it.


So far he’s done everything he did last year (not playing Wimby was not his choice) besides play Barcelona.


There’s even reports of of him playing Roger’s Cup. Which can’t do much for his USO chances.

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