Sunday, 18 July 2010

“And the lion fell in love with the lamb.”






Adorbz. As I’m sure most of you will readily agree.


Hopefully this will see an end to the “what do women see in him anyway” gibes.


I get that he’s no Edward Cullen. He’s not Frankenstein on a bad hair day either.


And if we are talking looks, not everyone “gets” the current fixation with swarthy Dasco and his Adonis-abs either (“Swarthiness”, in itself,  is totally overrated anyway. For every swarthy, smouldering type you can name, I can name ten others with the face of a bulldog that are about as smokin’ as a discarded cigarette butt. I can do the same for non-swarthy types).





Hopefully this will also see an end to laments over Nicole’s lost career too….which had slunk so far back it was neither funny nor newsworthy anymore.


And yes, the good news is that at 21, she is still young enough to make her retirement “pseudo”.

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