Saturday, 10 October 2009

A Grand Send Off

"I was surprised when he pulled out of Shanghai but obviously he has some problem with injury," said Djokovic.

"That's tennis. Rankings come and go, we are all quite close and it can turn around at any time. It's still not the end of the year."


No it’s not the end of the year. There’s still the small matter of those 1300 points he has to defend at the TMC.

But making the finals here will see Djoko reclaim the #3 spot.

And all that stands in his way to achieving that is Big Rob who, somewhat predictably, dispatched Ljubicic in straights today.

Like I said yesterday, I’m quite fancying Big Rob’s chances, but more to the point: Rafa v Sod - needs to happen.

Speaking of which.


(Photo by Feng Li/Getty Images)

No that’s no victory parade. Well it is, sort of.

No Hollywood scripts tonight though.

He lost the match in straights; but they gave him a send off fit for a king.

Djoko let slip to reporters that Marat is to return to his on-again off-again love of mountain climbing, with a trip to Argentina set for January.

That’s set then. Marat’s 2nd career will in part at least, involve the production of personality laden Mountain Mockumentaries/Road Trips/Video Diaries/Travel Shows.

In any order. Or all at once.

But all that will have to wait. There’s still Shanghai and then Paris.

“We’ll always have Paris…”



I almost forgot. She came through. Two more matches to go girl.

Make that shithouse shine.

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