Sunday, 11 October 2009

Asian Order.

I forgot to mention Youzhny yesterday, who's had something of an upturn in his fortunes this week.

And despite my future willingness to treat French tennis seriously being heavily dependant on the outcome of that French Proposition I put forth a few days ago, a small part of me wanted to see Youzhny pull through today, hopefully bringing to an end a particularly dank spell of form.

A season that’s seen him plummet from his top ten highs of early 2008.


(Photo: Getty)

But it wasn’t to be. Jo was nimble, Jo was keen, Jo-was-serving-like-a-dream.

And was rewarded, for his troubles with what looked like an item of 80s Phantasm Memorabilia.

Taken with Gael and Gilles' efforts this is now the most productive three weeks of French tennis I care to remember.

I’m tentatively back on board.

Similar story in Beijing.

A-Rad looked set to cap off a week of borderline top ten play.

But there’s few distinctions in tennis more worthy of my attention than the sight of one of it’s most skilled athletes intent on playing the house down, and even fewer than watching Sveta doing precisely that from her very first match.

The Pole did good, and has much to be proud of, though I think I still prefer the relative ‘order’ of the head girl beating up on the young fledgling.

Fortunately A-Rad seems to share my view of things.


(Photo: AP)

And in other news from the land of oversized cheques and trophies, Nole celebrated his recent ascension to world #3 with his best Rafa impression yet.

djoko (Photo: AP)

…and by throwing his shirt in security’s face.

nole (Photo: AP)

Generally unimpressed with this outcome.

For Marin it’s another nearly-man result. And not an entirely distinguished one for Novak either, despite getting past some tricky opponents.

They’ll have it all to play for next week.

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