Wednesday, 17 June 2009

2Hander's Take: Mad Dogs and Englishmen (or should that be Scotsmen?!)...

Well well well, it's that time of the year again. Yes, when a huge chunk of the world's strawberries and gallons of cream make their way to our beloved SW19. It's also that time of year when duffers feel the need to try their hand at The Beautiful Game whilst hogging all our park courts - to coin a phrase from our good man Top, Two Week Wonders! You know, the type who wear tailored chino shorts in colours such as navy blue, some casual t-shirt and plimsolls/sneakers/deck shoes...WITHOUT SOCKS!!! You know who you are...!!

It's also the time of year when the British media (bless them) must pin their hopes on the shoulders of some poor old soul who happens to be the British No.1!! Yes, Andy Boy, it's YOU (again)! But listen Andy, things are different this year. After getting whupped by Nadal last year (to be fair, MOST people would have also suffered the same fate, don't get me wrong) you went home, had some SERIOUS amount of Weetabix, took a plane across the big pond and seriously kicked everyone's butts!!! You are now mentioned in the same breath as Federer, Nadal and Djokovic - and rightfully so too IMO.

Another thing, did you HAVE to go and win Queens so that people can talk about the myth, almost superstition now, that the winner of Queens traditionally goes on to win Wimby?!? Not your fault, you had to beat Riley (I like that one, thanks for that bit of Trivia, Top!) then give mumsy a very reserved peck on the cheek after doing so. Anyway, DON'T let the media hype and pressure get to you too much, please. Enjoy your tennis, express yourself...heck, even pretend it's a hard court! Fact of the matter is, we have one of the most open Wimby's for a LOOOOOONG time - please keep it that way for as long as possible please...ta, laddie!

Now, the LTA really must refer to my rants earlier on this year. It's quite pathetic that apart from Murray, we have NO, not a single, world-class player - but don't get me started on that...

Right, let me qualify my prediction about Rafa not retaining his Wimby crown. Knees aside, there are many people who want a piece of him and ALL of those folk can volley better than King Rafa. Please refer to Jo-Willy for the best lesson to beat Nadal from the net. That truly was a masterful performance and can happen again on grass - especially given that the Aussie Open is on a slightly more cushioned surface than the US Open.

I would have a 'Damage Do-ers' category. People like A-Rod, Safin, del Potro, Tsonga and Verdasco are the main candidates in my mind.

Actually, you what? For once, I am not going to worry about who's going to win it and enjoy as much SICK tennis as I possibly can. Y'all feelin' me?! Just let the champion get on with it...

As for the ladies, I can imagine Serena 'The Real No.1' being mightily peeved at Marat's younger, not that little sister being the top seed. So far, she has choked at Slam finals, the Williams sisters have the experience of performing on the day, at the highest level, when it counts. I think the Serbian sisters would do well to make it to the 2nd week. Sharapova will have to prove she is over her injury. Justine, do a Pete Sampras and come out of retirement for just one last Wimby and show us all you can win a Slam on all surfaces....PLEASE!!!!

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