Sunday, 19 February 2012

Not to rain on anyone’s parade but….


Much as I like her, and much as I’ve waited for this moment, Vika is not “this years Nole”, nor is it very meaningful to make pronouncements on how well she’s coping with being top dog until she repeats the show she put on in Doha at a venue like  IW or Miami – or better still, RG.

Not that I think she’s not capable of doing precisely that, nor has this week been anything other than majorly convincing.

It’s just that the more she’s bigged up now, the greater she’ll be made to pay for it when she next takes a fall – often exclusively by the people responsible for the bigging up. It would please me greatly if that didn’t happen at a high-visibility venue like Miami, which is why I’d be happy for her to have taken a fall either here or at Dubai next week.

We might also remember that Halep/Aga/Sam ≠ Serena/Petra


Sam? I dunno what to say to you.

(pic: getty)

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