Sunday, 22 January 2012

Oz: Ode to Lleyton….a night to rememborize.

Hewitt d. Raonic 46 63 76 63

Let the record reflect Raonic is a good egg. Measured and competent both on and off court. Proof that you need neither overwrought showmanship to make people like you, nor brattish confidence tricks to make things happen.

But his lack of experience showed today (not having ever played on RLA before can’t have helped either).

Not that he doesn’t have time on his side.

But tonight (and it always seems to be a night) belongs to the Rust. 

…and to his fratty, Balboa Troubadours.


Exactly the kind of match Milos needed to win.


But I just don’t know how you don’t root for the (181st ranked) guy that set the benchmark for “(counter)punching above your weight” for over a decade, in what may be his last appearance here.

He’s not everyone’s cup of tea….

The ride’s sometimes been bumpy….

And at times, downright garish….


But his efforts have never commanded anything other than ABSOLUTE RESPECT. (Not as common as you’d think in an era of confidence tricksters, cry-babies and injury timeouts that are just….timeouts)


And I just can’t get past those four hip ops over four years.


He even lobbed Milos on MP. ALL 6’5 OF HIM. Yeah, lobbing gangloids is a thing now. All the cool kids are doing it.

A week ago, he was a forgotten relic on my tagcloud…..


Now he’s in R4 of his home Slam.

Heckuva run O polarising one…..

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record scratch (mp3)

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