Saturday, 13 August 2011

Rogers Cup: Noticeboard


Whatever side of the ‘No-Slam’ debate you’re on, its becoming difficult to dismiss the idea that these two have practically NOTHING to gain by winning events like this anymore – worse yet, it will almost certainly see a renewal of those retard assaults on their Slamless credibility so many seem to continue to find so funny. Vika’s on that list too.

All of which is to say I won’t be that put out if either loses early. A good run – one that ensures neither make an utter dick of themselves at the USO – no more, no less.





Nole Tsonga Fish Berd
Gael Nico Wawa Tipsy





Vinci Aga Voskoboeva Safarova
Sam Petko Vika Serena





Sympathy Vote

Ideas above their station


Potential R3 bust-ups: Serena/Kim, Nole/Delpo, Fed/Tsonga. 

I’m struggling to conceive of a scenario in which Fed doesn’t get his revenge over Tsonga. They say lightening doesn’t strike twice – nor, experience suggests, does Jo.

Difficult to know what to make of Ernie’s section: on the one hand it’s the draw from HELL – on the other hand, it’s also a collection of giant-killers rather than giants. And most of them will cancel each other out.

Ana/Venus (R1)….there’s only so much you can go on about “Ana’s troubles” without it sounding like cloying, overwrought piffle; even so, this kind of sh*t seems to happen to her A LOT. Venus out with viral illness.

With R1 exits in Julia’s last two events, now’s as good a time as any for JJ to be drawn against Goerges….she might even spring an upset. Actually, no.
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