Thursday, 7 October 2010

“Arise Sunshine, and kill the Envious Moon”







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No seriously.


I don’t remember Dinara or JJ receiving a presentation or this much publicity when they made the top spot  (correct me if I’m wrong) – they’re clearly not the media darlings you are. But while I may have some remaining pent up ire at the media about that, be assured that none of it is directed at you.


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You remained healthy whilst others succumbed to heat exhaustion, fractured joints and bad breath.


You played way more than the requisite number of events whilst others found reasons not to play their minimum quota.


And, whatever anyone else might say, your game does at least appear to be headed in a more aggressive direction – which, after all, is at the root of what seems to offend so many people.


In other words, you did everything required of you and are still getting shat upon for succeeding in a rankings system hordes of haters can offer up no way to fix – if indeed it is broken (I don’t think it is). That, in particular, is usually enough to get me on board.




For all of that (and more) you deserve any and all accolades coming your way. And you deserve the number one ranking too.


I’ll probably be back on your case if you falter in your quest to

increase the number of winners you hit over the course of a match – I only counted one in the first set – Kvitova hit 24 UFEs, familiar story?


And you really need to attend to that Slam record of yours against the very best if you expect to be taken seriously as a top player. Who knows, you might even find you don’t need to play as many events as a result (a good thing by the way).


But I think you already know that.


So for now, let there be sunshine for 72 hours. Caroline sunshine.


Uninterrupted, as I say, by Kanye West styled cameos on who “the real number one” is or should be.


…and let it “kill the envious moon”.


No agenda. Promise.


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