Sunday, 6 December 2009

Davis Cup: Come on Baby, Light My Fire…


Could you not find it within yourselves to concede even a single rubber to the hapless Czechs?

Not even a dead one?

I guess not, if you’re in the business of celebrating with this much fire.



Daveed Ferrer is not normally a player I get terribly excited about.

I admire his work ethic. Am officially in awe of his fitness which is probably only a peg or two under Rafa’s (if that). Loved the story about his coach Javier Piles locking him in a closet in order to light his fire, as well as that fabulous run he had in 07. And I find his resemblance to the Jack of Diamonds both jarring and entertaining.

But that is all.



Lest anyone still be in doubt though, Daveed owns this win, and was far more the ‘man of the moment’ this weekend than Rafaelites might have thunk possible.

1-6 2-6 6-4 6-4 8-6 is an intimidating scoreline.

The like of which you need not know the particulars of to infer that great things happened out there.

That said, it’s also exactly the kind of result Daveed seems uniquely placed to pull off. As is Davydenko.

For Rafa, this marks a long awaited return to winning a match or two again, this time with that familiar, rust coloured grain under his feet.

Not going to venture much more than that. Spiffing as it is, it’s probably safer to wait until January -- when both climate and surface will change -- to speculate on whether or not he’s “back”.

Would someone mind telling me exactly what that is? I've been struggling with it for little over a year.

Not sure Nole is “back” either. And from where precisely?

Did shanky Fed ever actually leave us? Or was he just kept at bay for a couple of months with a cattle prod and the threat of an Ivo-Djoko-Rap, while he bagged himself numbers 14 and 15?

No, pontificating on the inscrutable nature of being “back” is hereby suspended until the immediate aftermath of Oz.

For what it’s worth though, I’ll really stick my neck out and postulate that Rafa won’t have as successful a first few months as he did in 09. How daring is that?

For that, he might need to get back on that slidey, rust-coloured stuff again.

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