Monday, 1 September 2008

About Me…

I've been playing tennis since the age of 8. Somehow, I don't quite know how or why, I didn't end up being the saviour of British Tennis. Funny that.

That's ok by me – I've let "the powers that be" know that I'm available for Davis Cup Duty. Should the need arise. You know – if they're in what they call a “tough spot", a “sticky patch".

In the meantime I ended up going into computers. As in physically in computers.
That probably sounds like something out of 'The Matrix'. Which ought to make it feel dead sexy. Some days it does. On others it's just plain dead.

I still play an awful lot of tennis. A lot of awful tennis too. I also talked an awful lot of tennis. Quite often on company time and sometimes to people that have no interest whatsoever in the game. People that think tennis scores read "6 Nil" and still believe it's played with "bats".

Put them right, I tell you. *chuckles to self*

Trouble is, I sometimes got "put right" myself too. Physically. By people wielding beer bottles. They didn't find me "funny" or "enlightening". Fancy that.

Anyway, I finally settled on a more reclusive existence talking tennis from behind the relative safety of firewalls and a web front end.

I'm pretty sure I still exist. Most of the time. I blog therefore I must.

I blog therefore I am.

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